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The Challenge

The Solution

We contextualised the brand messaging for a local audience and tailored all the collateral to match requirements.

Building out summary decks with high informational density took measured thought and insight on our part.

Optimized Design

Focus only on your ideas with design intelligence that makes them clearer and more persuasive.

Team Collaboration

Work together seamlessly and build presentations together in real time, wherever you are.

Simple Content Management

Ensure complete brand consistency of your sales messaging by using a pre-approved visual library

Detailed Analytics

Get in-depth sales performance reporting– view activity by entire team or individual salespeople.


Your presentations can be viewed on any device in HD quality—no third-party software required.

Remote Presentations

Start a remote customer presentation and control the flow. Zero technology issues, one custom link.

Prospect Insight

Get powerful behavioral insights via presentation tracking and tailor your follow-up for greater impact.

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“ We use Pitch Deck as an easy one-stop solution for all of our presentation needs. It lets us tell our story in a way that’s impactful and empowers us with actionable data for follow-ups."

Rajendra Khare, Founder, Chairman & Managing Director

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