Investor pitch decks that actually get results

As a startup founder looking get funded, presenting your pitch in a compelling way to investors is the biggest challenge. Pitch Deck helps you create funding decks that will get you noticed, quickly and easily.

Why Pitch Deck?

Startup founders need to ask a simple question: “What is the cost of a bad funding deck?”

Funding decks are high-value presentations that need deep thought and attention. A badly designed presentation reflects poorly on your startup but, even worse, it cansend out negative signals to potential investors and cost you your funding.

The multiple demands of a startup life might not afford you the "luxury" of spending time and resources on creating a professional pitch deck.

Fortunately, we solved that problem.

Say hello to Pitch Deck!

Pitch deck for Startups

Pitch Deck is the only presentation platform that is 100% focused on helping startups easily and quickly create compelling funding pitches.


Funding pitches are high-stakes presentations that need to be structured in a thoughtful and purposeful manner to create the biggest impact.

Pitch Deck comes with hundreds of carefully chosen pre-built templates that help you tell every aspect of your story visually and evocatively so that investors have a clear idea of what your startup does.


Pitch Deck eliminates manual work and automatically matches your content with the most appropriate templates saving you both time and effort.

Depending on the type, stage and background of your startup, Pitch Deck guides you to create a presentation that is designed to tell your story in thebest way possible so that investors can easily understand your strengths.


Do you find yourself struggling to design your slides? With its automated design capability, Pitch Deck takes away all the pain of manually designing presentations.

So even if you don't have any real design skills, your pitches will automatically come with beautiful animations and crisp graphics that are likely to be more memorable than something created by a professional designer

See what Pitch Deck can do for you…

Impactful Design

There's nothing worse than a presentation that's doesn't make a point. With scenario-crafted templates, drive presentations to useful outcomes.

Stunning Graphics

Translate all your stories into easy–to–understand visuals with thousands of charts, diagrams, shapes, videos, and icons that are designed to perfection..

Content Distribution

Use Pitch Deck as a media hub without the burden of a media center. Give people a single-source of truth document to follow your company updates.

Remote Meetings

Whether you're traveling around the globe, between offices, or on your commuter train, you can jump right into a presentation that just has to be made..

Pitch. Perfect. Presentations.

Pitchdeck tells you why your presentations are effective

Startups of every type use the power of Pitch Deck to easily create jaw-dropping presentations to raise funding from interested investors.